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Infant/Childhood Nutrition and Picky Eating 

I specialize in working with kids who have challenges of picky eating, underweight/have growth concerns, sensory aversions, food allergies, and constipation. I also work with families looking for guidance on how to best navigate starting solids with their baby to optimize nutrition.

Eating Watermelon

Working Together 


Nutrition Analysis 

I will review your child's intake of food to see if they are meeting their calorie and micronutrient needs first. 


Root- Cause Analysis 

I will work to get to the root of why your child is struggling to eat a varied diet. Sometimes, this includes making referrals to other medical professions for expertise. 



 If needed, we will work to ensure your child is getting adequate calorie and nutrient intake from food to support healthy growth and development



I will provide long-term strategies and coaching to parents on how to provide better nutrition for their child while also creating a positive, healthy relationship with food.

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