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I entered the world of nutrition with a passion to create a healthier nation. I myself grew up confused on how to eat well and tried numerous trendy, fad diets. Cycling in and out through diets only left me with results that did not last, accompanied by feelings of hopelessness moving forward.

I was sick of it, and I knew others were too. I chose to study nutrition in college to gain the most in-depth knowledge surrounding health and nutrition: to get answers, backed by science— not google. After receiving my Bachelor's in Dietetics from University of Cincinnati, surviving 1,200 hours of supervised practice and passing the national board exam, I continue to hold the same mission: to share these answers with you; to guide you in finding sustainable results and peace with food. All so you can focus more on living and stop obsessing over food. 

GroundUp is founded on the belief that health and nutrition is so much more than rapid dieting and counting calories. To achieve healthy and sustainable results you can feel good about, we will look at the root of your habits, behaviors, and actions to make a forever change. 

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